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Tanbella Orchard

As the original food bowl for Canberra, Pialligo was the source of fresh vegetables, eggs and fruit for the newly created city.

Tanbella Orchard was first planted in the 1970s but has undergone many changes with successive owners. Originally planted with red and gold delicious and granny smiths, the orchard was transformed during the 1980s when the then owners embarked upon a plan to offer self pick apples and fruits. Apple varieties from around the world were added—from the beloved coxs pippin from England to the Belle De Buscop of Holland.

With the emphasis on picking apples fresh from the trees the constraints that have seen all but a few varieties of apple disappear from supermarkets due to poor long term storage, did not apply. Heritage and rare apple varieties were planted liberally alongside the more well known varieties such as the pink lady and fuji. Peaches, nectarines, pears and nashi pears were also planted to ensure that a self picker can collect a variety of fruits when they visit.

The current owner Christine and and her partner Stelios have continued the self pick tradition that has seen the orchard become somewhat of a Canberra institution. Adding a few touches of their own with the addition of cherries and cider apples, they have also developed an extensive herb and vegetable garden.